Welcome to TBT

TBT logoFormed as a result of collective bargaining between labor and management, the Teamsters Benefit Trust is under the direct management of a joint Board of Trustees, composed of Union and Employer members. The TBT Board of Trustees has sole authority to make decisions about the Teamsters Benefit Trust and the Plans that TBT sponsors.

Plan Administration
The TBT Board of Trustees contracts with Titan Insurance Administrators, Inc. for administrative services. You may write to the Board of Trustees at the following address:

mail iconTeamsters Benefit Trust
Plan Administration Office
39420 Liberty Street, Suite 260
Fremont, CA 94538-2200

phone iconLocal telephone: (510) 796-4676
Toll free: (800) 533-0119
Plan site: www.tbtfund.org
Email: info@tbtfund.org

What’s New?

New TBT Provider List

Use this contact list whenever you need to contact TBT Providers. Phone numbers and addresses are updated in 2023.

Updated Communications for TBT Plans I through VI

New Summary Plan Description (SPD) materials are available for TBT Plans I, I-85, I-A, III, III-A, IV, V, V-A and VI.

The Plan’s Summary of Coverage explains the specific benefits, provisions and limitations that apply to your TBT Plan.

The Plan’s Medical and Dental Comparisons help you compare the Plan’s choices of medical and dental options.

The Guide to Your Benefits for “Grandfathered” Plans explains how participants in TBT Grandfathered Plans I through V-A become eligible for coverage, how to make or appeal a benefit Claim, and their rights under federal benefits and privacy laws.

Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) and Uniform Glossary

Under the new health care reform laws, group health plans like TBT must provide active participants with summaries of benefits and coverage.

Open Enrollment

After your initial choice of medical and dental options, TBT’s Open Enrollment policy allows you to change your medical and/or dental options once every 12 months.

Update Your Plan Address

The ONLY way to update your Plan address and phone number is for the TBT participant to fill out and sign the Plan’s official Change of Address form and return it to the TBT Plan Administration Office.

SEND the signed form in one of these ways:
E-mail to info@tbtfund.org
Fax to TBT at (510) 795-9237, or
Mail or bring to the TBT Plan Administration Office.

TBT keeps one address and phone number for each participant. If your spouse or other dependents don’t live with you, make sure they know that all TBT mail is sent to your address.