TBT Health Plan Resources

Most TBT Plans provide health care coverage through a choice of medical plan options shown on the Medical Option Form you receive in your enrollment package. The options include the Indemnity Medical option and any TBT-sponsored Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) available where you live. Remember, if you cover eligible dependents, everyone must be enrolled in the same medical option.

Under most TBT Plans, the medical options include:

Option 1: Indemnity Medical Option (Anthem Blue Cross)
Option 2: Kaiser HMO Option
Option 3: Anthem Blue Cross HMO Option

See the Summary of Coverage for your TBT plan for details about your medical options and benefits. The summary explains important Plan features such as the Anthem Blue Cross PPO network under the Indemnity Medical Option. Review your Plan’s Comparison of Medical Benefits to compare your TBT medical options. These materials are found under your TBT plan. If you’re not sure which TBT Plan is yours or have questions, contact the TBT Plan Administration Office.