Supplemental Retiree Plan (SRP)

Click on the links below to view Supplemental Retiree Plan (SRP) materials in PDF format. See the Plan Updates page for Plan notices mailed after these materials were printed.

Your Summary Plan Description

Together, the materials posted below provide all the information you need to use the Supplemental Retiree Plan (SRP). Printed versions of these documents are provided to covered participants in a green folder called Your Benefits Package, technically known as a Summary Plan Description. If for some reason the online materials are incomplete or inconsistent with the printed Summary Plan Description materials, the printed versions will be controlling.

SRP Guide to Your Benefits (PDF coming soon) – This Guide explains how you become eligible for SRP coverage, how to make or appeal a benefit claim and your rights under federal benefits and privacy laws.

SRP Summary of Coverage (PDF coming soon) – This Summary explains the specific benefits, provisions and limitations that apply to your TBT Plan.

SRP Schedule of Dental Allowances (PDF coming soon) – This Schedule lists the dental allowances payable to you and your covered spouse under the Indemnity Dental Plan. The SRP dental allowances include deductible amounts, copayment percentages and maximums that apply to your dental benefits listed in the SRP Summary of Coverage (PDF) (above). Be aware that if there are suitable alternative dental procedures or techniques with different fees, your dental allowances only pay toward the treatment with the lower fee.


You must notify the TBT Plan Administration Office of a divorce without delay (and provide the TBT Plan Administration Office with a copy of the final divorce decree). Coverage for your former spouse ends on the first day of the month after your divorce is final. If you delay and the Plan pays benefits for your former spouse, you will be responsible for paying back the overpayment to TBT. See the SRP Guide (PDF) (above) for more information.

Notice of COBRA Qualifying Event

If you already have SRP coverage, your covered spouse may have COBRA continuation rights and self-pay for COBRA coverage if one of the following “qualifying events” occurs:

  • You divorce, or
  • Upon your death (if you were married after you enrolled for Retiree coverage).

If you divorce while enrolled for SRP coverage, your ex-spouse may elect to pay for COBRA continuation coverage for up to 36 months from the date he or she loses coverage. See the SRP Guide and Summary of Coverage (above) for more information about COBRA coverage under your Plan.