Local Unions

For Local Unions Only

TBT Subscriber Agreements are posted here for Local Union representatives only. These PDF forms are downloadable and interactive, meaning that information fields (highlighted in blue) may be filled out and saved on your computer before being printed out. You must first download the form before you can complete and save it on your computer.

The PDF must be printed and signed by the Bargaining Parties (Local Union and Employer) before the agreement is sent to the TBT Plan Administration Office for approval. Be sure all sections (required fields) are completed before the Subscriber’s Agreement is signed and the fully executed copy is mailed to TBT.

Important Note: When the Subscriber’s Agreement is printed, a second page is also produced. Both pages must be included when the document is presented to the appropriate Employer and Union representatives for signatures.

The ORIGINAL two-page, signed document must be delivered to the TBT Plan Administration Office. Once the fully executed Subscriber’s Agreement is approved by the TBT Board of Trustees (at their subsequent meeting), copies will be sent to both the Local Union and Employer.

Subscriber Agreement – For All Monthly Non-Hour Bank Plans (PDF)
Subscriber Agreement – For Hour Bank Plans – Revised 5-1-2007 (PDF)
(For Plan V-A Construction Hour Bank ONLY)
Subscriber Agreement – For RSP Only (PDF)
Subscriber Agreement – For Local Union No. 85 Groups Only (PDF)
Subscriber Agreement – For Union as Employer (PDF)