Teamsters Assistance Program (TAP) Providers

Teamsters Assistance Program (TAP) of Northern California provides a network of contracted providers for Teamsters Benefit Trust (TBT) participants seeking substance abuse treatment. These contracted providers extend a discount to you for covered Substance Abuse Treatment services.

View or download the list below to find a provider in your area (effective October 2022).

Teamsters Assistance Program (TAP) Facilities List (PDF)

Alcohol or Chemical Dependency Treatment Benefits

For hospitalization for alcohol or chemical dependency treatment, you must notify the Teamsters Assistance Program (TAP) to pre-certify and oversee Hospitalization. Call TAP at (800) 253-TEAM or (510) 562-3600 for Pre-admission Certification.

If you are in the Central Valley, or a member of Teamsters Locals 87, 137, 150, 386, 431, 439, 533 or 948, the Teamsters Alcohol/Drug Rehabilitation Program (TARP), rather than TAP, oversees Hospitalization due to alcohol or chemical dependency treatment. Call TARP at (800) 522-8277 or (209) 572-6966.

The best time for you to notify Anthem Blue Cross (or TAP or TARP, if applicable) is when your doctor schedules an in-hospital stay. You, your doctor and the hospital will receive a written follow-up notice from Anthem Blue Cross. If you have not received a notice, you should verify that Pre-admission Certification has been conducted before going to the hospital. It is a good idea to check with Anthem Blue Cross (or TAP or TARP, if applicable) in advance.

Substance Abuse Treatment Benefits

Substance Abuse Treatment benefits are coordinated with medical benefits so that your substance abuse treatment benefits also accumulate to the same medical benefit deductible and out-of-pocket limit. The Plan’s substance abuse benefits are intended to comply with federal mental health parity and addiction equity act (MHPAEA) regulations. If the information posted here conflicts with newly released government regulations affecting the coverage of mental health and substance abuse services, this Plan will comply with the new requirements on the date required. Inpatient and outpatient services for alcohol or chemical dependency are covered the same way as for any physical illness and subject to the requirements described below.

Note: Non-covered charges (such as Non-PPO Provider fees that exceed UCR rates) do not apply toward meeting your Plan’s calendar year out-of-pocket maximum.

PLEASE NOTE: If you require Substance Abuse Treatment outside of California, contact TAP or TARP, who will arrange coverage or will advise you regarding Network treatment facilities and providers.

Inpatient Treatment

Treatment at an approved inpatient residential detoxification and treatment facility or a licensed Chemical Dependency Recovery Hospital (CDRH) must be preauthorized and monitored by TAP or TARP. Preauthorization by TAP or TARP is required for all non-emergency inpatient residential treatment stays and within 72 hours of an emergency admission. Failure to preauthorize will result in a penalty of 10% of covered charges.

Outpatient Treatment

Preauthorization by TAP or TARP for all Outpatient treatment is highly recommended.

For More Information

See the Guide to Your Benefits and your Summary of Coverage for details related to your Plan benefits. Or contact the TBT Plan Administration Office at (510) 796-4676 or (800) 533-0119.