TBT Dental Plan Resources

Most TBT Plans provide dental coverage through a choice of dental options available in your location. When you enroll for medical and dental coverage, you may choose one of the dental options shown on the Dental Option Form. Under most TBT Plans, the dental options include:

Option 1: Indemnity Dental Option (Delta Dental)
Option 2: Prepaid Dental Option (Bright Now! Dental)
Option 3: Prepaid Dental Option (United Healthcare Dental)

Check your Plan’s Summary of Coverage and Comparison of Dental Benefits for details about your TBT dental options. These materials are found under your TBT plan. If you’re not sure which TBT Plan is yours or have questions, contact the TBT Plan Administration Office.

Dental Resources

Delta Dental PPO – Option 1

Whether you are on a computer, tablet or smart phone, everything you need is on the Delta Dental website.

Want to Find a Delta Dental Network Dentist? English (PDF)
Delta Dental PPO – Getting the most from your Plan: English (PDF)
Delta Dental PPO offers free pre-treatment estimates—an easy way for you to predict out-of-pocket costs for certain procedures: English (PDF)

For more information, go to www.deltadentalins.com.