Plan V-A

Click on the links below to view Plan V-A materials in PDF format. See the Plan Updates page for Plan notices mailed after these materials were printed.

Note: Plan V-A materials include Plan V-A, Plan V-A Construction and Plan V-A News.

Your Summary Plan Description

Together, the materials posted below provide all the information you need to use your TBT Plan. Printed versions of these documents are provided to covered participants in a green folder called Your Benefits Package, technically known as a Summary Plan Description. If for some reason the online materials are incomplete or inconsistent with the printed Summary Plan Description materials, the printed versions will be controlling.

Guide to Your Benefits (PDF coming soon) – This Guide explains how you become eligible for coverage, how to make or appeal a benefit claim and your rights under federal benefits and privacy laws. A printed copy is available through the TBT Plan Administration Office.

Plan V-A Summary of Coverage (PDF) – This Summary explains the specific benefits, provisions and limitations that apply to your TBT Plan.

Plan V-A Comparison of Medical Benefits (PDF) – This Comparison helps you compare your Plan’s choice of medical options (including the TBT Indemnity Medical option and HMOs available at your location).

Plan V-A Comparison of Dental Benefits (PDF) – This Comparison helps you compare your Plan’s choice of dental options (including the TBT Indemnity Dental option and prepaid dental options available at your location).

Hour Bank Supplements

Some TBT Plans (such as Plan V-A Construction and V-A News) have additional eligibility provisions and Hour Bank rules that affect participation. If you are not sure whether your Plan has Hour Bank rules, contact the TBT Plan Administration Office. Also check your Collective Bargaining Agreement for any special eligibility rules or Hour Bank provisions that may affect participation in your TBT Plan. Click the links below for Hour Bank rules.

Plan V-A Construction: Hour Bank Eligibility Supplement (PDF)

Plan V-A NEWS (Drivers): Hour Bank Eligibility Supplement (PDF)

Your Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC)

Under health care reform laws, group health plans like TBT must provide active participants with a Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) for the medical plan options they choose.